The Game Book Summary (PDF) by Neil Strauss

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Why This Book Matters:

The Game shows readers where anguished men go in hopes of finding a woman to “hook up” with him, known as the “pickup community.”

The Big Takeaways:

  1. A community of men has been sharing advice amongst themselves for almost 40 years on how to pick up women.
    1. If Not every man is born with the natural ability to “woo” women, hence the birth of the pickup community.
  2. To seduce a woman, some may use hypnosis.
    1. Through speech alone, some men can achieve a certain level of hypnosis over a woman that will convince her to go home with him.
  3. The use of social influence can convince a woman to go home with a man.
    1. In a group scenario, some men may assert their dominance over a group through charm to gain the attention of a woman.
  4. There is much to learn before becoming good at picking up women.
    1. Know that there is much knowledge to acquire before one achieves success in picking up women.
  5. The pickup community has seemingly changed its focus from wooing women to stroking the male ego.
    1. Many men within this community do not find true love.

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