Shoe Dog Book Summary (PDF) by Phil Knight

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Why This Book Matters:

Shoe Dog.tells the story of Nike’s founder as he navigated creating a global brand.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. An oddball idea struck Phil Knight while attending Stanford Business School.
    1. If Phil wanted to bring Japanese shoes to America, despite the disinterest his family, friends, and classmates had in his idea.
  2. Phil went to someone he thought knew running the best to help him modify his shoes.
    1. Phil’s running coach helped Phil change his shoes to be efficient.
  3. A number of creatives assembled the first Blue Ribbon Team.
    1. This team helped Phil create a brand with a product they believed in.
  4. Nike prospered, even through legal trouble.
    1. All good businessmen know that there will be obstacles in the way somewhere down the line.
  5. .Nike prides itself on caring for its people.
    1. From humane working conditions for their workers and the sponsorships of athletes, Nike continues to prosper today by showing its care for people.

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