The Beauty Myth Book Summary (PDF) by Naomi Wolf

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Why This Book Matters:

The Beauty Myth talks to readers about the pressure put on women to possess a particular type of beauty despite who they are naturally and the effects this pressure has on the well-being of women.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Beauty standards are just a way for society to continue to put women below men.
    1. If Placing the expectation of beauty on women helps maintain the structure of the patriarchy.
  2. Women are expected to be beautiful, even when they’re doing their job.
    1. An expectation to be physically presentable at work perpetuate the myth that women need to meet a standard of beauty at all times.
  3. Commercials and other visual advertisements further the beauty myth.
    1. Only certain types of women are shown in advertisement, placing pressure on women to live up to what they see.
  4. The beauty myth hurts women.
    1. Not only are women hurt emotionally by the effects of the beauty myth, but there is an evident effect on their health as well as their pocketbooks.
  5. To eliminate the beauty myth, we must rethink our views on women.
    1. Women can free themselves of the beauty myth is acknowledging the things that make it worse.

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