We Should All Be Feminists Book Summary (PDF) by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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Why This Book Matters:

We Should All Be Feminists explains the treatment of women in today’s society as a lesser part of the equation that makes life make sense.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Feminism is an idea that is often misconstrued.
    1. If The word “feminism” is often seen as a dirty word, but that is because many fail to see the meaning behind the concept.
  2. The professional world is where treatment differs between men and women.
    1. Women in the workplace are often treated as inferior to their male coworkers, whether it be through small or significant actions.
  3. The way people view women in society affects their lives.
    1. Women are often treated as an add-on to a community rather than an essential factor in its function. Many women lack the freedoms they desire because they fear the negative consequences their desires will have on the image they try to maintain.
  4. There are obvious differences between men and women.
    1. Despite the biological differences men and women have, no gender is inherently superior to the other.
  5. Our society needs to acknowledge feminism.
    1. People must acknowledge the way they think and act toward women to make progress toward a more inclusive future.

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