Switch Book Summary (PDF) by Chip Heath & Dan Heath

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Why This Book Matters:

Switch helps us make changes with more ease by getting to know the mind, and its shortcuts, that will help us switch our behavior.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Making changes is like riding an elephant.
    1. If The elephant is a large, hard-headed animal. Leading an elephant down a particular path while trying to prevent it from taking shortcuts or trying to make things go by quicker, is a difficult feat.
  2. Focus on where you have already found success.
    1. You likely had to make changes to succeed in the past. Implement the things that worked for you then.
  3. You overanalyze.
    1. It isn’t uncommon for people to think about every possible way they could change while failing to do the central part: change.
  4. Appeal to the rational and stubborn parts of yourself.
    1. When everyone has a clear direction, there is less to question and more to act on.
  5. Accomplish small things first to show your stubborn side that you are, in fact, capable.
    1. Before you can climb a mountain, you must first know how to climb the hill. Small changes will encourage significant changes to come.

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