Never Split the Difference Book Summary (PDF) by Chris Voss and Tahl Raz

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Why This Book Matters:

Never Split The Difference is a negotiation guide that’s written by an experienced FBI kidnapping negotiator.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Negotiation happens throughout life and it’s helpful if you understand the core principles
    1. If Every time you try to convince someone to do something or obtain something from someone, you’re negotiating
  2. Gather information and build trust to negotiate well
    1. You must understand what the other person is thinking to be able to effectively negotiate
  3. Listening closely builds trust
    1. You can even repeat back what the other person says to emphasize that you’re paying attention
  4. Your tonality is impactful during negotiations
    1. The listener will pick up on your vibe. So if you smile, they’ll hear your friendliness and if you speak calmly they’ll pick up on that.
  5. Label the emotions of the person you’re speaking with to build rapport
    1. If you show empathy by telling the other person you understand and acknowledge how they feel, it will help your negotiation.

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