Moonwalking With Einstein Book Summary (PDF) by Joshua Foer

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Why This Book Matters:

Moonwalking with Einstein explains the importance of remembering and what people can do to improve their memory.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. We have plenty of storage for our memories.
    1. If Even if it seems like you can only remember a particular amount of things, you can teach yourself to remember even more.
  2. The way you store information in your brain can change to hold even more information.
    1. Changing the way you take in information can help you remember it. For example, when you “chunk” information, you use an organizational tool to help you remember things better.
  3. It doesn’t necessarily take effort to remember things.
    1. Even if you don’t remember things, you can end up with items stored in your mind through no effort from your conscious mind.
  4. The memory held great value in ancient times.
    1. Without the aid of reading and writing, those who could store information and pass it down to others were valuable to the acknowledgment of history.
  5. The importance of having a good memory has only dwindled with the accessibility of memory storing tools.
    1. People don’t often work on improving their memory anymore, even though it could help them be more successful in life.

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