Nudge Book Summary (PDF) by Richard H. Thaler & Cass R. Sunstein

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Why This Book Matters:

Nudge assesses why we make the wrong choices regularly and how just a little nudge can give us the push we need to do better.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The choices we make may not be the right ones for us.
    1. If Even if we know what is good for us, we often do not take the actions necessary to do good for ourselves.
  2. The amount of knowledge we possess can cause us to make bad choices.
    1. Having too much insight can cause us to make the wrong choice. Not having enough insight can also cause us to make a bad choice.
  3. We are known to follow our instinct.
    1. It is impossible to think about every little thing you do before you do it, leaving a majority of our actions up to our Automatic System.
  4. Outside influences can cause us to make bad choices.
    1. We are prone to mindlessly acting per what others are doing around us.
  5. Nudges are small changes we can make to steer us in the right direction unconsciously.
    1. Since so many of our actions are automatic, making conscious decisions ahead of time can keep our future selves from making bad decisions. For example, putting the chips away in the cupboard while leaving an apple on the kitchen counter.

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