Prisoners Of Geography Book Summary (PDF) by Tim Marshall

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Why This Book Matters:

Prisoners of Geography explains how politics is influenced greatly by geography.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Russia is hostile in the Baltics due to the fear of Western assault.
    1. If Putin is worried about western Europe coming in through flatlands because of the limited capability Russia has to push them back.
  2. China is afraid of India and water shortages, so they keep a hold on Tibet.
    1. If China allows Tibet independence, India could easily invade China and lose a major water supply.
  3. Guns and good geographical locations make the United States untouchable.
    1. With only two friendly countries bordering it, the US is in a good geographical location. Any invasion from Canada or Mexico would mean long supply chains for those countries.
  4. Northern Europe is better located geographically than southern Europe.
    1. Southern countries do not have fertile lands and rely heavily on trade to maintain their food supply.
  5. Africa’s waterways, while gorgeous, are simply not efficient.
    1. Contact between countries is limited because of the lack of efficient water systems.

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