Alexander Hamilton Book Summary (PDF) by Ron Chernow

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Why This Book Matters:

Alexander Hamilton recalls the story of how an orphan rose to a powerful political figure in American history.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. When Hamilton arrived in Boston in 1772, the colonies were already beginning to plan a revolution.
    1. If He wrote an inspiring essay, which led to confrontations between the colonists and Britain two months later.
  2. He became George Washington’s ally due to his energy and charm.
    1. While helpful to Washington, Hamilton desired his own commanding position.
  3. When the war ended, Hamilton’s penmanship skills proved useful.
    1. He helped write the constitution and establish the Bank of New York.
  4. Other people found Hamilton irritating, but his response to the debt crisis earned him foes.
    1. Jefferson and Madison were dismayed by Hamilton’s actions, and the three came to deal.
  5. Hamilton returned to the army in order to recover from public outrage.
    1. The outrage sparked over the discovery that Hamilton had an affair.

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