Common Sense Book Summary (PDF) by Thomas Paine

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Why This Book Matters:

Common Sense is a reflection of the historic publication which shaped the American history by enlightening the public on freedom.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Social lives are dependent on human nature and behavior, as it masks the standard of living in society.
    1. If When it comes to living together in groups, cooperation and effective administration is ensured by introducing laws made by humans.
  2. Democracy is the best form of governance as the facts and figures state.
    1. In order to get rid of tyranny of monarch rules, government of the people seems to be the only possible solution in which the power is distributed among people.
  3. American freedom should be pursued and the English crown should end its jurisdiction here.
    1. The people living in America are self-sufficient enough to live and govern themselves, and they don’t need external interference to dictate their lives.

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