The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning Book Summary (PDF) by Margareta Magnusson

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Why This Book Matters:

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death shows readers the benefit of taking an inventory of your possessions, getting rid of ones with little personal value, and remembering the reasons behind the things you love.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The Swedish practice a ritual known as “death cleaning.”
    1. If The Swedish believe it is important to take care of your belongings before your departure from earth to keep your loved ones from having to suffer the physical and emotional toll of going through your things.
  2. Start by sort through the little things.
    1. Give away things that you are willing to part with now. You may feel some things can be trashed while other items should be passed down to others.
  3. Don’t fear the conversation about death,
    1. If you are a child of an elderly parent, consider offering them a helping hand and view this process as a time to bond and learn.
  4. Not everything is meant to be public.
    1. You may want to go ahead and discard the items you wish to remain a secret after you pass.
  5. Pictures should be handled with extra care.
    1. Think about the weight of each photo you possess and create photo albums for each of your children full of pictures you feel would mean the most to them.

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