Can’t Hurt Me Book Summary (PDF) by David Goggins

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Why This Book Matters:

Can’t Hurt Me outlines the success of David Goggins, Navy SEAL and ultra runner, after enduring a painful childhood that left him defeated.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. A lot was expected out of David Goggins as a child due to his father.
    1. If David was forced to work for his father every night, leaving him very little time to be a child.
  2. Though David was able to distance himself from his father, the effects of the torment followed.
    1. David found himself broke and struggling with the trauma of his past.
  3. David lacked confidence in his early adulthood.
    1. David’s lack of education left him feeling defeated and incapable.
  4. David used his goal of becoming a Navy SEAL to transform his entire being.
    1. Training to become a Navy SEAL let David change his mentality and his physicality.
  5. Work ethic is David’s advice for those wanting to achieve similar success.
    1. David believes that how hard you work is the only thing that will push you to success.

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