The New Jim Crow Book Summary (PDF) by Michelle Alexander

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Why This Book Matters:

The New Jim Crow explains how the criminal justice system in America targets black and brown people, leading to the mass incarceration of our minority population. Prejudice doesn’t end there, as we see racial biases woven into the system, affecting the way American people live.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The War on Drugs pushed many black Americans into prison.
    1. If A problem with crack cocaine within black communities suddenly broke out during the Raegan Administration after it was shown many Americans did not believe illegal substance abuse was a high ranked issue in America.
  2. More Black and Latino individuals will face prison time for drugs.
    1. The majority of people in American prisons for drug charges are black and brown people.
  3. The criminal justice system in America is flawed, still encouraging the mass incarceration of minorities.
    1. The process of trial leads many to plead guilty since they cannot afford proper legal representation.
  4. Many stereotypes play into racial profiling among American police officers.
    1. Though it may not be a conscious act, police officers often hold preconceived notions of individuals based on their race.
  5. Prejudice does not end when an individual has served their time.
    1. Racial biases follow black and brown people throughout their entire lives.

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