Between the World and Me Book Summary (PDF) by Ta-Nehisi Coates

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Why This Book Matters:

Between the World and Me paints a picture of the racial prejudices being used as roots in Amerian society.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Author, Ta-Neshisi Coates, possessed rational fear about being black in the US.
    1. If Coates was racially profiled, even when he tried to keep his head down and not stand out as a threat to everyday American society.
  2. Coates discovered the depth of racism while studying Malcolm X and attending an HBCU.
    1. The teachings of Malcolm X helped Coates see the truth that society was trying to hide from him.
  3. The first thing that Coates learned is that black people will be judged solely on the color of their skin.
    1. Racial profiling affects not only the comfort of a black man in America but the opportunities he will be offered and the success he will achieve in life.
  4. America was created from the mistreatment of blacks.
    1. The history of black Americans has influenced the way black bodies are viewed in America.
  5. Blacks are often left to make the most out of their situation for themselves.
    1. Black communities are often poor and receive little to no assistance from others, leaving them to figure things out for themselves.

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