Loonshots Book Summary (PDF) by Safi Bahcall

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Why This Book Matters:

Loonshots explains the concept that the ideas that might seem crazy now are the same ones that your future self can’t live without.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Innovation is critical to overall success, so it must be handled with care.
    1. If If companies become more conservative with their ideas, the innovation used to start them will collapse.
  2. The United States was ill-prepared for World War II because they weren’t engaged in being innovative.
    1. The US believed that if a new invention would take longer than two years to develop, then it was not worth investing in.
  3. Companies deeply rooted in commodity-driven innovation find themselves swimming upstream as the ever-changing business environment evolves.
    1. Strategy-driven innovation will help save companies from collapsing as the workplace changes.
  4. Company leaders who do not consider the work of others risk leading their company downhill.
    1. Company leaders should focus on letting the best ideas shine.
  5. Fast development in the western world was due to the Scientific Revolution.
    1. Organizations must protect their ideas and create designs that allow developers to work without micromanagement.

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