Alexander the Great Book Summary (PDF) by Philip Freeman

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Why This Book Matters:

Alexander the Great is one of history’s most well-known heroes and one of the best military commanders to walk the Earth.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Alexander the Great was of Macedonian royal blood, and his abilities were noticed from a young age.
    1. If Alexander’s father felt threatened by him, specifically after Alexander outshined him on the battlefield.
  2. Alexander’s aptitude for the military aided him in passing through Asia Minor.
    1. He did not follow traditional military style and continued to push his efforts, which resulted in a streak of triumphs.
  3. The time Alexander spent in Egypt is recognized as a monumental part of his life.
    1. Alexander searched for answers as to why his journey was so important.
  4. Alexander eventually dominated Persepolis, Persia.
    1. Darius was murdered at the hands of Bessus, and Alexander was disappointed because he began to see Darius as an earnest opponent.
  5. Alexander passed away at 32 years of age and was not able to finish off his conquest plans.
    1. He left his legacy everywhere in the world and is remembered as a great leader and military commander.

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