Turn the Ship Around Book Summary (PDF) by L. David Marquet

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Why This Book Matters:

Turn the Ship Around tells the story of how a mediocre Navy submarine crew became a highly respected crew by the works of a new navy captain.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The United States is looking at a leadership problem, creating a bad image for doing business.
    1. If To encourage and motivate workers, we must restructure how we view leadership.
  2. Give everyone a chance to pitch ideas. This is how businesses succeed.
    1. The decision-making power is evenly disbursed throughout the management system, which allows people to use new information.
  3. Motivate your employees to be more productive by allowing them to have more responsibility.
    1. Asking for permission using the phrase “I intend to” gives more power to the employees because they are the ones that made the decision, not the leader.
  4. Do not give employees responsibilities they cannot handle.
    1. Identify unprepared individuals or teams by asking questions and delegate tasks accordingly.
  5. Businesses must have clear goals so they can accomplish using the leader-leader strategy.
    1. Give employees external incentives to decrease employee-employee competition.

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