You Are A Badass Book Summary (PDF) by Jen Sincero

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Why This Book Matters:

You Are a Badass gives readers the tools they need to understand the power of their thoughts, their actions, and the universe as a whole to unlock their inner badass.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. You are putting the “bad” thoughts in “badass.”
    1. If You are already a badass person, but the way you think about yourself genuinely holds you back from realizing your full badass potential.
  2. You must accept yourself for who you are and ignore what everyone else has to say about you.
    1. The opinion of others is irrelevant to you, especially when it comes to how you live your life.
  3. Power surrounds you.
    1. Whether it’s God, a higher power, good energy, whatever the case may be, that power surrounds you and is yours to utilize.
  4. Appreciate the fact that you’re learning every day.
    1. Be thankful that you were given another day on earth to learn something new, regardless of how challenging the task or situation may be.
  5. There is a great force within your thoughts.
    1. The way you think about life creates the life you live in. Think about life the way you wish life were.

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