Everybody, Always Book Summary (PDF) by Bob Goff

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Why This Book Matters:

Everybody, Always teaches readers about the love of God and how they should love others quickly and abundantly.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Build outward instead of upward.
    1. If .When considering the message of Jesus, one should learn to love what they are afraid of and focus on loving more rather than loving more intensely.
  2. God will provide you with the power you need to carry on.
    1. Sometimes our batteries run a little low. Putting our faith in God is the way we can gain strength to overcome the difficulties of our lives.
  3. Skydiving can help understand faith and love.
    1. When skydiving, you wouldn’t rely on a faulty product. Instead, you would only use something perfect because it would save your life. Faith is much like that.
  4. Love your kids the way God loves you.
    1. Allowing your children to figure things out and show love in the way they know how shows your patience and understanding, the same thing God is doing for you.
  5. We do not love to be loved.
    1. Our reason for loving others should never be to be loved back or gain some type of reward with God. We should love because we love.

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