The Way of the SEAL Book Summary (PDF) by Mark Divine

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Why This Book Matters:

The Way of the SEAL uses real-life examples from Navy SEALS to help readers understand how they can push through mentally to success.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. What your life means stems from how you define its reason for being.
    1. If Decide what parts of your life are solid, from traditions to core values.
  2. Keep power over your mind.
    1. Focus is necessary for reaching every goal you set out for yourself.
  3. Your downfalls can become your strengths as long as you test their limits.
    1. Looking fear in the eye can help you turn your flaws into force.
  4. Utilize your gut feeling.
    1. Be aware of your senses and what they aim to tell you. This can be a huge advantage.
  5. Change your language, so you aren’t always playing the defense.
    1. Learning how to play the offense with a constructive attitude will help you have the upper hand in business and in life.

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