Your Inner Fish Book Summary (PDF) by Neil Shubin

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Why This Book Matters:

Your Inner Fish explains the importance of fossils and the study of our structure to find our shared traits with our evolutionary relatives.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Fossils open up a window to peek into the past.
    1. If Where certain fossils exist and how well they are preserved helps us see the past with a brighter light.
  2. Our relation is revealed by our bones.
    1. Studying the bone structure of fossils helps us figure out the movements that relate species.
  3. In addition to bones, teeth can tell us how a species once lived.
    1. The shape of one’s teeth tells us how and what a species may have eaten.
  4. DNA shows our relation.
    1. Looking at DNA of the past helps us see where we may have been related to a species during evolution.
  5. Bodies were designed for function.
    1. The cells of a body present from the very beginning know to arrange themselves to form a human.

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