Measure What Matters Book Summary (PDF) by John Doerr

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Why This Book Matters:

Measure What Matters tells the lifelong journey of venture capitalist and American investor, John Doerr, as he transformed organizations through his method of key objectives known as OKRs.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Being focused on goals can help organizations achieve great success
    1. If Organizations designate only a few OKRs at any given time if they are to attain steady success. This helps keep the focus only on the most important goals.
  2. Tracking the organizational OKRs regularly makes the road ahead clearer.
    1. Setting up OKRs is important, but continuously assessing their progress is mandatory to achieve desired results.
  3. OKRs are the cake, but transparency, collaboration, and freedom is the icing.
    1. Transparency, openness, and giving freedom to the teams to achieve OKRs ensures complete results. The author bases his example of “project Caribou” at Google in 2001, which is now known as Gmail.
  4. OKR was founded during Doerr’s time at Intel.
    1. The revolutionary business management philosophy was the brainchild of one of Intel’s co-founders, Andy Grove.
  5. Weekly and monthly OKR reviews prove helpful instead of the traditional annual meetings
    1. If a company needs to achieve steady progress on OKRs, regularly recurring OKR reviews are a requirement.

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