The Sunflower Book Summary (PDF) by Simon Wiesenthal

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Why This Book Matters:

The Sunflower discusses the complexity of forgiveness, how there’s no easy way to find the ultimate solution, and the only way to understand forgiveness is to continue inquiring.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The choices we make today will have an impact on us tomorrow.
    1. If Seidl made a terrible mistake by joining the Nazi, and on his deathbed requested forgiveness from a Jew, but should he be forgiven?
  2. There are no simple ways to discuss forgiveness and righteousness.
    1. Wiesenthal didn’t forgive Seidl for his crimes but expressed compassion instead.
  3. Judaism believes that murderers are not deserving of forgiveness because the murderer made that choice himself.
    1. Seidl may not have come into this world evil, but he knew murder was wrong even if he didn’t view Jewish people as people and thus justified his killings this way.
  4. Those in favor of forgiveness believe it holds value to responsibility and helps with the process of moving forward.
    1. Forgiveness can allow both parties to move forward by freeing bitterness and rage from the soul.
  5. There are not any right answers to the question of mercy, which is why it’s important to continue asking why.
    1. Seeking different outlooks can help build empathy and understanding while still not forgetting the harm caused.

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