The 4-Hour Body Book Summary (PDF) by Timothy Ferriss

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Why This Book Matters:

The 4-Hour Body dives into the discoveries of body-regulation.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The author allowed himself to be used to test fitness teachings outside of the norm.
    1. If This was when he discovered that anything over “the minimum effort for desired effect” is too much.
  2. The slow-carb diet has helped many lose weight.
    1. Cutting out white carbs and sticking to the same type of meals every day can help achieve weight loss.
  3. Changing up your positions will help you achieve a better sex life.
    1. Nina Hartley, an adult film star, says that the right angle and right pressure can allow women to have much more pleasurable sex.
  4. Skip the hot shower and go to sleep.
    1. Cold baths close to bedtime can potentially help you sleep better.
  5. Double your distance through technique, not just practice.
    1. Results come faster when one focuses on their technique, not just repetition.

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