The Speed of Trust Book Summary (PDF) by Stephen M.R. Covey with Rebecca R. Merrill

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Why This Book Matters:

The Speed of Trusts discusses the benefits of trust. From our everyday lives to our jobs, the ability to trust boosts the quality of life.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Trust allows for more to get done in the least amount of time while saving you money.
    1. If Trust encourages open, healthy communication.
  2. The first step to becoming a trustful person is learning to trust yourself.
    1. The Four Cores of integrity, intent, capability, and results will help you build trust within yourself.
  3. Behave in a way that demonstrates your trustworthiness.
    1. Being respectful and being truthful are two surefire ways to prove your trustworthiness to others.
  4. You must exhibit trustworthiness on three levels.
    1. Your employees, your market, and everyone else should be able to trust you to understand your purpose.
  5. Broken trust is not always the end.
    1. Trust can be rebuilt through smart trust, the line between no trust and absolute naivety.

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