Getting To Yes Book Summary (PDF) by Roger Fisher, William Ury & Bruce Patton

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Why This Book Matters:

Getting to Yes teaches readers that negotiating is used in all parts of society from work and business, all of the way to your home lives.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Avoid trench warfare at all costs.
    1. If Trench warfare is when two parties want to win more than fostering a positive relationship.
  2. It isn’t necessary to win every negotiation.
    1. The main goal of negotiation is to find a long-term solution reasonably and minimize negative feelings.
  3. It is necessary to determine each party’s underlying interest.
    1. Understanding why someone wants what they do helps both sides come to an adequate solution.
  4. Determine multiple options for both parties before looking for solutions.
    1. Instead of convincing the other party to settle on your terms, consider attractive options that allow both sides to find a solution that works.
  5. Prepare well for negotiations by learning all there is to know.
    1. Take time to study all the details so that there is more likelihood of a positive outcome.

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