The Silk Roads Book Summary (PDF) by Peter Frankopan

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Why This Book Matters:

The Silk Roads explains the impact of the Silk Road on the world’s religion, culture, and wealth.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The trade of goods between East and West made the Silk Road.
    1. If As the first civilizations in the world began to expand, so did trade.
  2. Particular teachings and goods traveled the silk road via the Muslim world.
    1. Believing he was God’s messenger, Muhammad started to spread the teachings God had gifted him through the Silk Road.
  3. A growing number of enslaved peoples surged Europe’s growth.
    1. The slave trade allowed Europe to obtain great wealth.
  4. Illness and the Mongols killed many around the world over nearly 200 years.
    1. A decrease in the human population devastated many territories that once held an abundance of wealth, including Europe.
  5. The more bridged the world became, the more devastation many faced.
    1. As empires expanded to new places in the world, a desire for control rose.

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