Vagabonding Book Summary (PDF) by Rolf Potts

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Why This Book Matters:

Vagabond shares the story of how author, Rolf Potts, traveled long-term and took life by the horns during his time on the road.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Be your own person before you even leave home.
    1. If You must be free of the notion that you need an excessive amount of money to be happy while traveling.
  2. Now is your moment.
    1. Planning your trip doesn’t make the moment right, but your mindset does.
  3. Don’t overcomplicate traveling.
    1. The best way to be happy while traveling is to stick to the basics.
  4. Find a balance between preparation and going with the flow.
    1. Be ready for the bumps in the road, but don’t be so prepared you can’t go with the flow.
  5. Take your time.
    1. Don’t just rush from one place to another. It’s stressful and unfulfilling. Take your time wherever you go and truly immerse yourself in the experience.

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