The Defining Decade Book Summary (PDF) by Meg Jay

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Why This Book Matters:

The Defining Decade puts emphasis on the most productive and important time of our lives: our twenties. Dr. Meg Jay, an assistant clinical professor at University of Virginia, puts forth her arguments on how to get the most out of our twenties and stop believing in the “thirties is the new twenties” phenomena.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. We have to learn to value not only our career, but our relationships in our twenties.
    1. If Career counseling is always abundant in our twenties, but not so much for relationships. Young adults must decide carefully and value relationships made in their twenties.
  2. The jobs which young adults choose in their twenties will affect their long-term pay scale.
    1. In order to avoid mid-life crises in your thirties and forties, young adults should wisely choose a career in their 20s. The sooner, the better.
  3. Keeping young adults in their twenties from the danger of “too many options” is key.
    1. It is unwise to load a raw mind with the false notion of doing anything they can in their 20s. This will leave them overwhelmed, possibly not attempting anything at all.
  4. Use dating in your twenties to find a valuable partner with endearing qualities, not just to have fun.
    1. Dating relationships are for temporary associations and will not give you the serious and long-term happiness you will need later in life.
  5. Our brain fully matures between our twenties and thirties.
    1. Our twenties are the best time to practice serious objectives in life. This is because when our brain matures fully by our thirties, it will be easier for us to lead a measured life.

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