The Bottom Billion Book Summary (PDF) by Paul Collier

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Why This Book Matters:

The Bottom Billion discusses the issues within the 50 poorest countries of the world and why they can’t breakthrough.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Countries cannot overcome poverty without sustainable economic growth.
    1. If Over time, it becomes more challenging to integrate emerging countries into the global economy.
  2. Poorer countries are prone to war and therefore have a more difficult time overcoming poverty.
    1. Wars destroy a country’s economy more than anything else.
  3. New natural resources can cause harm in the poorest countries.
    1. Corrupt politicians don’t funnel the money from exports to the hands of the people but instead use the fund for their own self-interests.
  4. Poor, landlocked countries must rely on neighboring nations for growth and development.
    1. They lack the same transportation resources that other countries have, therefore making trade difficult.
  5. International peacekeepers help the country create the means for growth without too much war.
    1. Peacekeepers are meant to bring peace to the country by stopping internal conflict from once again consuming the nation.

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