Three Women Book Summary (PDF) by Lisa Taddeo

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Why This Book Matters:

Three Women discusses how sex and romantic desires influence the lives of three women.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Maggie had a relationship with a teacher from her school because those around her outcasted her.
    1. If Maggie trusted him, and thus felt comfortable around him because she thought he understood her.
  2. Maggie was crushed when their relationship ended without foresight.
    1. Since the relationship was illegal and improper, she could not discuss her emotions with anyone and felt isolated.
  3. Sloane experienced some life trauma. She wanted to be perfect but came down with an eating disorder.
    1. After her car accident, her family was more concerned about car damage than Sloane’s well-being.
  4. Sloane took full responsibility for the destruction of a marriage.
    1. She and her husband loved threesomes, and Sloane wished to remain perfect by taking the blame when it was her husband who suggested it.
  5. Lena loved the idea of love but has had horrible relationships with men.
    1. A rumor spread that she had sex with three men in one night, and nobody asked her out on a date for many years. She thought she deserved to be lonely.

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