The Art Of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau – Book Summary

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Why This Book Matters:

Written for “red pill” takers who yearn for life outside the Matrix, bestselling author and self-proclaimed world dominator Chris Guillebeau explores how finding your life’s purpose can free you from the drag of an ordinary life.

This book lays out the key steps to a fulfilling, if highly unconventional, existence.

Key Takeaways:

  1. To break free of conformity, start by identifying what you want
    1. Many of us are shackled to a life where decisions are made for us because we lack a clear vision for the future and a plan to achieve that goal.
    2. Example: Someone with no purpose may end up at a desk job by default, while someone who dreams of traveling the world can outline and take the steps to make that happen.
  2. Conquer the fears standing between you and a meaningful transformation
    1. To prevent your fears from holding you back, acknowledge them by imagining the worst-case scenario and then reward yourself for overcoming it.
    2. Example: A white-collar executive might conquer her fear of a major life change by quitting her job and volunteering with an aid organization in the Philippines.
  3. Your competence is better job security than any organization can provide
    1. Pursue creative self-employment by taking advantage of your unique skill set, which will lead to a more fulfilling career independent of a single company.
  4. Society is full of rules and authority figures that serve to limit your choices
    1. To get past the gatekeepers, play the game by different rules.
    2. Example: Instead of applying for jobs, someone makes a website that asks managers to apply for the pleasure of hiring her.
  5. To be successful, recruit followers and serve their needs
    1. Give your followers what they want, and they will reciprocate by supporting your endeavors.
    2. Example: Patrons of an artist will commission and pay for pieces they enjoy.
  6. Spend time and money according to your values
    1. Determine your priorities and let those dictate what you should spend your resources on.
    2. Example: The author’s top priority is to travel the world, so he never spends more than $100 on clothes, has no debt, and does not own a car.
  7. Contributing to others is a form of selfish generosity
    1. Working for others leads to feelings of positivity and fulfillment.
    2. Example: After the events of 9/11, the author and his wife went to work for a charity in Africa, which led to greater happiness and contentment in their own lives.

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