Tools Of Titans Book Summary (PDF) by Tim Ferriss

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Why This Book Matters:

With over 300 million downloads, the author’s popular podcast ‘The Tim Ferriss Show’ features interviews with world-class performers in every vertical from sports and business to philanthropy.

This book is the boiled-down, ribbon-wrapped product of thousands of hours spent probing the minds and habits of extraordinary humans to discover what makes them exceptional.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Avoid a formulaic approach to achieving your goals
    1. If your long-term objective is to become an elite athlete, solicit advice from other elite athletes, but pick and choose what works best for you.
    2. Example: Tough Mudder champion Emily Boone found that consuming beet powder before a race helped her regenerate connective tissue in key muscle groups.
  2. There is more than one path to your best personal health
    1. It is more effective to experiment and find what works for you rather than follow a regimen designed for somebody else.
    2. Example: High cholesterol is often assumed to be bad, but can actually help increase lean body mass and muscle definition in quick bursts for some people.
  3. Working tough jobs can teach you a lot about yourself and the world
    1. Experiencing a variety of good and bad situations gives you perspective to draw from when formulating long-term financial goals.
    2. Example: Chris Sacca spent his childhood summers working for both a high-powered relative and in a grueling manual labor position, which influenced how he wanted to shape his professional life.
  4. Success is better achieved through long-term routines than short-term goals
    1. Giving yourself a short time to achieve something new often leads to failure, but developing a skill over time often leads to success.
    2. Example: Dilbert comics creator, Scott Adams, worked on his blog as a hobby for years before he became a successful published writer.
  5. Reject peer pressure and embrace risk
    1. The courage needed to go against the crowd also allows you to take the gambles and rare opportunities that ultimately lead to success.
    2. Example: Olympic snowboarder Shaun White refused to go along with a plan to fix the competition, and ending up winning 100% of the prize money.
  6. If you’re looking for creative inspiration, work with what you know
    1. There is no sense reinventing the wheel to force innovation when you have a wealth of inspiration to tap into within your own knowledge and experiences.
    2. Example: Comic geniuses Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg drew from their own experiences with sex and adolescence to create hilarious and original hit movies.

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