The 48 Laws Of Power Book Summary (PDF) by Robert Greene

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Why This Book Matters:

The 48 Laws of Power puts the idea of power under a microscope, allowing readers to understand why it exists, how it works for us, and what to do when it works against us.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Don’t try to impress those in higher positions than yourself.
    1. If People in positions of power don’t want to see that you may be more knowledgeable, more talented, or better than them in any way.
  2. Power is often seen in those who have claimed the work of others as their own.
    1. Acclaim is just as important as what has been invented. There is no room to be humble when it comes to power. If you don’t take the credit, someone else will.
  3. Pretending to be someone’s friend is the easiest way to gain power over them.
    1. When you are friends, people will voluntarily give you the information you can use to gain power over them.
  4. Don’t ever act the same way twice.
    1. You don’t want to give your competitors the ability to guess your next move.
  5. Admitting defeat against those who are obviously of more power than you will help you gain future control.
    1. Don’t step up to the fight at all. When faced with an obvious defeat, give up.

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