Stumbling on Happiness Book Summary (PDF) by Daniel Gilbert

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Why This Book Matters:

Stumbling on Happiness is a masterpiece work by the celebrated American social psychologist Daniel Gilbert. It explores how our brains work, why we make decisions that leave us unhappy and guides us to make decisions that can bring us a future filled with happiness.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Our predictions often shadow our reasonable thinking
    1. If One of the biggest blunders of our minds is to cling onto a single, self-imagined scenario, excluding unexpected possibilities.
  2. Believing in self-uniqueness often makes us despise the value of other’s advice.
    1. This is another area where humans are prone to misery. Individuals tend to self-teach themselves rather than learning from other’s experiences.
  3. Our existing emotional condition heavily influences our predictions of the future.
    1. Since our earliest ancestors, humans are wired to think about the future in the light of how we feel right now.
  4. Our memories can be great deceivers when making future assumptions.
    1. Our thoughts may focus more on a single rewarding scenario in an overall weary trip from the past. This can easily fool us in believing that the journey next time will again be fruitful.
  5. Humans like to be petted and love being surrounded by those who agree with them.
    1. Naturally, we love to be pampered, and we often love to be with those who affirm our beliefs.

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