She Comes First Book Summary (PDF) by Ian Kerner, PhD

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Why This Book Matters:

She Comes First explains to women the idea that their pleasure should come first when it comes to sex.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. A woman can achieve an intense orgasm from oral sex.
    1. If Letting a woman feel the real joy of intercourse is an art that should be fueled by immense care.
  2. The moments a woman is enjoying sex the most should be realized and understood by her partner.
    1. There are multiple steps in making a female orgasm; these steps include foreplay, coreplay, and moreplay.
  3. There are proper techniques partners should utilize when having sex with a woman.
    1. Both partners should be able to enjoy every second sex, and it can be only be made possible if both of them are comfortable during foreplay.
  4. How to continue foreplay is another art that requires a gentle approach and care.
    1. Starting from establishing a gentle flow and rhythm, it is compulsory for the couple to have sexual tension build between them.
  5. When it comes to moreplay, the second phase of female orgasm begins.
    1. This stage deals with getting back to the beginning point and engaging with her in such a cuddly manner so she can reach the climax of another orgasm.

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