Mastery Book Summary (PDF) by Robert Greene

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Why This Book Matters:

Mastery teaches readers that anyone can become a master as long as they learn from the masters of the past and present

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Natural talent isn’t necessary for perfecting a craft.
    1. If No natural ability is needed to become a master.
  2. We all have a purpose that draws us to specific skills to master.
    1. Some things in life feel “made for you.” Follow those feelings.
  3. You can’t set out to learn a skill purely for its monetary value.
    1. Learning the skill to the best of your ability should be your #1 focus when starting something new.
  4. Trust the guidance of the masters around you.
    1. Don’t waste time trying to learn things by yourself when others are offering their expertise.
  5. Once you have control of your craft, you must challenge the boundaries in which you have learned.
    1. After you have perfected something, push the limits you once knew and deemed as “perfect.”

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