How Will You Measure Your Life? Book Summary (PDF) by Clayton M. Christensen, James Allworth and Karen Dillon

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Why This Book Matters:

How Will You Measure Your Life? teaches readers the importance of looking at the happiness and love they bring to the life of others as an indicator of their success instead of just looking at the targets they reach in their career.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. More money for your work is not what will make you happy.
    1. If The real indicator of a job’s success is the desire a person has to do their job.
  2. To develop a professional career, a person has to take the opportunities they wanted and the ones they may not have seen coming.
    1. A concrete career strategy is based on the anticipation of certain opportunities, but that way of thinking is not always the best way.
  3. Your resources are much more than your skillset.
    1. Think about everything you’re good at in life, from your ability to communicate with your partner to the time you spend at the gym. All of those things say something about who you are.
  4. Your bonds with others will always be your prime point of joy.
    1. The success of your relationships will always be a factor in your happiness.
  5. Being able to feel what others feel, especially without them just outright saying it, helps us show our loved ones that we care.
    1. Our understanding of others’ feelings doesn’t go unrecognized and helps us keep the people around us feeling loved.

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