Girl, Stop Apologizing Book Summary (PDF) by Rachel Hollis

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Why This Book Matters:

Girl, Stop Apologizing helps women understand the value in their dreams and the steps they can take to create an improved version of themselves.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Several factors play into why women forfeit their dreams.
    1. If Women are prone to believing traditional things about how they should live their lives that hinder their ability to chase their dreams unapologetically.
  2. Seeing yourself and doing things in a way unlike other women is okay.
    1. Start by thinking in terms of goals.
  3. Focusing on growing as a person can help you get over the negative beliefs you have about yourself.
    1. Managing your time to focus on growth can help you become the person you’ve always dreamed of being while conquering the goals you set for yourself.
  4. You cannot let the anxiety behind what people think about you keep you from doing what you desire.
    1. Improving yourself is not a selfish task, even if others make you feel that way.
  5. Self-improvement doesn’t always mean focusing on just yourself.
    1. Helping and accepting help from others is one of the most important parts of becoming an improved version of yourself.

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