Finding Chika Book Summary (PDF) by Mitch Albom

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Why This Book Matters:

Finding Chika tells the tale of a father’s love as his child fought an unwinnable fight against fate.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Sometimes the elders learn important life lessons from younger people. This is not shameful.
    1. If One father learned how to use time precisely from Chika, a girl who loved to spend time slowly so it can be enjoyed to its very essence.
  2. When we try to observe our surroundings carefully, it introduces us to a new world.
    1. The father tried to visualize the world from the perspective of Chika, and he was delighted to explore it with a childlike sense of wonderment.
  3. Sometimes a person only realizes the importance of relationships when he is part of them.
    1. Being a father is a unique experience, and it can only be truly understood by those who are fathers.
  4. Parenting is an art that one starts learning long before he becomes a parent.
    1. The habits and acts of parenting start developing in a person at a very early stage, for kids learn unconscious attitudes from their parents.
  5. Sometimes the tragedies in life win; that is why they are called fate.
    1. Despite the love one father had for his child, he could not change his child’s fate.

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