An Invisible Thread Book Summary (PDF) by Laura Schroff and Alex Tresniowski

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Why This Book Matters:

An Invisible Thread explains the story of Laura and Maurice, a couple who was destined to meet, linked by an invisible string that led them to one another.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Some people are destined to meet, linked by an invisible thread.
    1. If People are linked together from the beginning, and the idea that an invisible string is the link between many people is an idea a number of cultures observe.
  2. Laura and Maurice were meant to meet.
    1. Maurice faced a number of trials throughout his life that could have killed him, but getting through those things was part of the plan to bring Maurice and Laura together.
  3. Laura’s tensions at home made her want to move far away.
    1. Laura tried time and time again to get the jobs she wanted that would take her far away from where she once called home.
  4. Establishing trust was vital for a successful partnership between Laura and Maurice.
    1. Laura and Maurice promised from the beginning that they would not betray one another’s trust.
  5. The life Laura had lived allowed Maurice to dream of a better life for himself.
    1. Maurice’s childhood was plagued, but seeing the way Laura lived in the suburbs gave him an idea of a hopeful life that he could live.

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