High Performance Habits Book Summary (PDF) by Brendon Burchard

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Why This Book Matters:

High Performance Habits discusses six habits that we can use to become more productive.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. To perform better, get into a routine of excellent habits and self-esteem.
    1. If Continue to practice these skills. You will gain more knowledge and gain confidence.
  2. The best performers are self-aware and know what they want out of life.
    1. Give yourself time to work on skill-building and dodge interruptions.
  3. Top performers are optimistic and usually mentally and physically sound.
    1. Get into this habit by taking a few minutes out of your morning to ask yourself what great things lie ahead in the day.
  4. The best performers stay motivated by listening to internal and external factors.
    1. Another habit that high performers get into is sharing their goals with others to increase expectations.
  5. To perform better, remember not to become distracted and be aware of deadlines.
    1. High performers are excellent planners, and they have precise deadlines and inspiring goals.

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