A New Earth Book Summary (PDF) by Eckhart Tolle

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Why This Book Matters:

A New Earth helps readers understand where their inner-turbulence comes from and how they can address their ego to lessen the violence, both inside and out.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. The troubles of society are apparent in the way people treat the earth, as well as one another.
    1. If Despite what has been done in society to counter humans’ destructive tendencies, nothing seems to work.
  2. Violence is never the answer; however, religion is not the answer to violence.
    1. Society has tried to use religion as a way to curb inherent violent tendencies, but it does not work efficiently.
  3. We must address our ego to confront the violence inside of us.
    1. Our ego makes us see the world in a way that is not true.
  4. The ego is responsible for the inability to let go.
    1. When we flip negative thoughts around our head obsessively, we are allowing our ego to take over.
  5. Identify your life purpose, and live accordingly.
    1. You have a purpose on the inside and outside, both being vital to your success.

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