A Beautiful Mind Book Summary (PDF) by Sylvia Nasar

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Why This Book Matters:

A Beautiful Mind accounts John Forbes Nash Jr.s’ wins and struggles throughout his journey of becoming a renowned genius and Nobel Prize-winning mathematicia

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Nash’s fate as a mathematician started when he entered University to study engineering.
    1. If His exceptionally original ways of solving cases were a sign for him to switch majors.
  2. When in grad school, Nash invented a board game that made him famous at Princeton.
    1. The game, later known as Hex, kicked off his interest in game theory.
  3. Nash became an instructor and started to lead a healthy social life in Boston.
    1. It was then he met Eleanor whom he had a son with, yet he did not consider marriage… until he met Alicia Larde.
  4. His increased anxieties in both his profession and marriage put him on edge.
    1. Nash was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and was soon put into treatment.
  5. Nash miraculously recovered from the illness and started to receive recognition for his work.
    1. He took a professorship at Princeton and remarried with Larde nearly 40 years after the divorce.

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