Who Moved My Cheese Book Summary (PDF) by Dr. Spencer Johnson

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Why This Book Matters:

Who Moved My Cheese is a parable that aims to explain how to turn the uncertainties of change into a good thing.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Life will change; don’t be scared.
    1. If You will go through changes at every turn of your life; learn how to embrace them.
  2. Hem and Haw spent their lives searching for cheese.
    1. When Hem and Haw found their “cheese,” they knew where they could get it instantly, but then their lives revolved around it.
  3. Things can be taken from you at any moment.
    1. Knowing that change is always ahead can help you navigate your life currently.
  4. Hem and Haw didn’t expect their cheese to be taken away, so it shook up their whole world.
    1. It’s okay to fear change, but don’t let that be the reason you don’t prepare for the future.
  5. Embrace new pathways.
    1. There will always be new things to discover. Don’t stand in front of where your cheese used to be and be upset it is no longer there. Go search for fresh cheese.

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