Walden Book Summary (PDF) by Henry David Thoreau

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Why This Book Matters:

Walden tells the story of Henry David Thoreau’s escape from the modern-day world by moving to the middle of the woods, where he could slow the pace of life.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. Henry David Thoreau felt that he could not get the wisdom he wished for in the world he lived.
    1. If In 1845, Thoreau traveled to Massachusetts to escape the commodities an updated world gave him.
  2. Thoreau saw moving as his retreat to a quiet life.
    1. Thoreau’s community was torn by his decision, some seeing it as a journey while others saw it as Thoreau’s way of withdrawing from the world around him.
  3. Thoreau pointed out the impracticalities of modern-day housing.
    1. Homes and their upkeep seemed too out-of-touch for Thoreau, for some cost outrageous amounts of money and upkeep had turned into convenience.
  4. Walden in Massachusetts gave Thoreau an escape.
    1. Thoreau was able to slow down the pace of his life and observe nature.
  5. Walden taught Thoreau lessons that only it could teach.
    1. Thoreau realized after several years at Walden that every part of life he experiences would hold many lessons for him to learn.

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