Trust Me, I’m Lying Book Summary (PDF) by Ryan Holiday

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Why This Book Matters:

Trust Me, I’m Lying explains the methods behind blogging, especially the bad and the ugly.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. With enough traction, any story can be shared by significant news sites.
    1. If Online content gets shared through any means, making it possible for a story from a small blog can reach millions with the right force behind it.
  2. Blogs are meant to generate revenue, or potentially become something more.
    1. Between advertisers and affiliates, blogs can generate a good bit of cash, but many bloggers approach blogs with a larger goal in mind.
  3. Blogs thrive on being first.
    1. Being the first person to post on a subject is more important than getting things right on the first try.
  4. The people who read blogs are the most vital source.
    1. It doesn’t matter what blogs post, as long as it’s something worth reading.
  5. Clickbait is the name of the game when it comes to creating content.
    1. Blogs want readers to feel some way about what they post, whether it’s good or bad

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