Trillion Dollar Coach Book Summary (PDF) by Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg and Alan Eagle

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Why This Book Matters:

Trillion Dollar Coach tells the story of Bill Campbell and his move to California later in life to start a new career path. It also explains the measures one must take to become a good leader and make an impact on the people around you.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. One of Silicon Valley’s finest started in his forties.
    1. If Bill Campbell moved to California after his career as a football coach.
  2. Bill made a name for himself in California.
    1. Despite his age, Bill Campbell thrived in his career at Apple after making bold moves to get there.
  3. After staying at Apple for several years, Bill left.
    1. It was at this point in life that Bill turned to mentoring rather than actively working.
  4. Leaders will listen to make good leadership decisions.
    1. Figuring out what leadership model works for a company is vital in its success.
  5. Being vulnerable is part of good leadership.
    1. Leaders who show their humanness are the most effective.

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