Think Like a Freak Book Summary (PDF) by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

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Why This Book Matters:

Think Like a Freak urges readers to think behind the curtain in an effort to see why people act the way they do.

The Big Takeaways:

  1. To think like a freak, you have to throw away the practicality of your actions.
    1. If When trying to win, sometimes you have to make the sacrifice of your own likability.
  2. Be honest about how little you know.
    1. Having too much confidence in something you don’t know about will make you fall. Admitting that you don’t know something presents your most authentic self to people.
  3. You must look at the entire problem without the influence of outside speculation.
    1. If you can’t find the solution, rephrase the question. You must give yourself the ability to rethink.
  4. Explore the world with the mind of a child.
    1. Children know as little as their age allows, meaning they’re still asking questions and avoiding deceit by figuring things out beyond “that’s just the way things are.”
  5. Knowing what fuels a person’s actions can be used in your favor.
    1. Offering people their fuel as incentives can reveal what they’re willing to do.

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